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VGG Installation

Valor Gutter Guard is installed within a timely manner. Employees will clean out each gutter and run water through each gutter to ensure there are no broken pieces or leaks. Valor Gutter Guard is then applied under the homes roof shingles on top of the roofs lining. Valor Gutter Guard is then screwed into the gutter, never the roof. As this step is complete, water is then run through the gutters to ensure proper placement is gained and there are no leaks in the gutter. As there is no evidence of leaks, the job will then be complete.

Employees will come with their own tools to ensure Valor Gutter Guard is properly placed onto each gutter of the client’s home. Employees will practice proper precautions when cleaning out each gutter and will never harm or break the gutter while the clean out process takes place. If a client’s gutter does not need to be cleaned up, the employee will just check the gutter and run water through the gutter to begin the next step of Valor Gutter Guard installation.

As the gutter is clean, water will then be ran through each gutter to ensure there is nothing clogging the down spout and that water is able to run freely. As water is ran through each gutter, this provides the employee a visual to see if there are any cracks or broken areas in the gutter that may allow for rodents or debris to enter the gutter after Valor Gutter Guard is applied. As water can run freely, this will allow for the next step toward either applying Valor Gutter Guard or fixing the broken gutter.

As this next step takes place, the client will be told of what may need to be fixed and go from there. If the client would like their gutter fixed, then the employee that is there to put on Valor Gutter Guard is also experienced in putting in gutters. The gutter will then be fixed, and Valor Gutter Guard can be applied. If the gutter is free or cracks and breaks, Valor Gutter Guard can then be applied under the roof shingles and screwed right into the gutter. Valor Gutter Guard is placed under the roof shingles and on top of the felt paper to ensure no damage is done to the roofing. Screws are then placed on the gutter to ensure proper placement is maintained. As each piece is placed together, this may cause for gaps that will be filled in with silicone to ensure no debris or rodents can get into the gutters through those gaps.

As Valor Gutter Guard is applied to each gutter, the employee will inspect the job that has been complete to ensure every gap is closed and that there are no openings that may lead to debris or rodents getting into the gutter. As this is done, the job will then be complete. A homeowner that decides to use Valor Gutter Guard will have gutter protection for over thirty years. Valor Gutter Guard is safe for any roof and fits to any gutter. Valor Gutter guard does require minimal cleaning over time as sometimes debris can get stuck in heavy rain but does not cause the homeowner any out of pocket expense and is very stress free. Valor Gutter Guard will enhance the life of a house and provides relief to any homeowner that choses to purchase Valor Gutter Guard. Please think of Team Tusing and Valor Gutter Guard when it comes to your next home improvement project.

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