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Tips For Hanging Holiday Lights! With Valor Gutter Guard Clips!

How do I add holiday lights to the outside of my home when I have Valor Gutter Guard installed? Great question when thinking of how to add a simple pop of color while celebrating the holiday season. holiday lights can be added to many places around the home to ensure everyone loves checking out the colors while driving by. As holiday lights are thought of, homeowners must ensure they take proper safety precautions toward hanging the lights and how to keep your home safe while enjoying the nice lights outside. Please read this blog as it will explain how to keep you and your home safe while hanging holiday lights.

Popular places for homeowners to hang holiday lights are trees, bushes and along the roof. Homeowners must choose a focal point toward where they would like to add color to their home. Roof lines, eaves, pillars, posts, deck railings, inside windows and planters long your driveway or pathway are also good places to add that nice pop of color. Homeowners must choose a safe place to hang each light and should be placed about twelve to eighteen inches away from each other. This provides the space needed to reduce fire hazard in the event the lights get hot while being lit for a long period of time.

Safety tips to keep in mind is electricity that will be needed to bring these lights to life. Electricity when not used properly can cause fires and even major bodily damage to the individual hanging the holiday lights. Homeowners must ensure the circuit being used is not overloaded and this can blow fuses or cause an entire blackout for their home. Also overloaded circuits can cause fires as the circuit works too hard to keep everything lit. LED lights are a safer option when adding holiday lights to your home. LED lights can also save you some money on your electric bill. LED lights

Holiday lights enhance curb appeal, blinking lights or multi-colored lights can really increase the curb appeal as this will allow any passer by to check out the bright lit home. As holiday lights are hung on the home, one may question how they can hang lights properly while having Valor Gutter Guard installed on top of their gutter system. Valor Gutter Guard has light hangers that are held on by the outer part of the gutter. These clips allow homeowners to still hang holiday lights without damaging Valor Gutter Guard and their gutter. Clips can be mailed to the homeowner by calling a Valor Gutter Guard distributor.

Homeowners should never use clothes pins or staples to ensure holiday lights are hung they way the homeowner would like them. Clothes pins and staples can cause damage to the gutter or roof where the light is being hung. Clothes pins can also pose a fire threat as lights and wires get warm while being on for everyone to enjoy. Light hangers are affordable and reusable. As light hangers are used, homeowners must ensure the wires from the lights are at a correct length from each other and that there are no frays or breaks within the wires. Frays and breaks can also cause a threat for fires around the home.

Homeowners must also take proper precautions while hanging holiday lights. The homeowner should tell someone inside they will be hanging holiday lights outside. The homeowner should ask for help when in need of tools or more lights to hang and the homeowner should plug in each light cord to ensure all lights work prior to getting on a ladder and hanging the lights. Team Tusing is a reputable dealer for Valor Gutter Guard. As the homeowner thinks of hanging holiday lights on the outside of their home and currently has Valor Gutter Guard installed, they can give Team Tusing a call to help gain light hangers to ensure their product stays safe while enjoying holiday lights. Please give Team Tusing a call at 888-84-VALOR and think of Team Tusing and Valor Gutter Guard for your next home improvement project.

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