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The Story Behind Placing Lit Candles In Your Window Around The Holidays.

All of us here at Team Tusing hold a love for seeing lit candles in the window while during the holidays. It’s common to display a candle in each window of your home as a simple elegant decoration to celebrate the holiday season. As we share about these lit candles, one may wonder where this tradition came from. Please read this blog as I will share how this tradition came to be and how it got brought to America.

The tradition of placing a lit candle in the window is different for each culture. The origins differ based on religious beliefs. No matter the religion or how families celebrate the holidays, the use of lit candles has become a tradition used by many to brighten up their home and make the home feel festive for the holidays. Placing a lit candle in the window of your home was brought on by the Irish.

Between the mid-17th to late 18th century, the British government created laws to restrict the practice of Catholicism in Ireland. During this time of religious suppression in Ireland, there were no churches allowed. Catholic priests were forced to hideout in the wilderness in caves. Priests would sneak back into town during the night to hold mass with other believers in their homes. During Christmas time, catholic families would leave their doors unlocked and a candle burning in the window to let priests know they were welcome in that home.

As there were multiple waves of Irish immigration to America, the tradition was brought into American where the tradition stayed. An example of this would be within the colonial times, a lit candle in the window would let travelers know there was a safe place for them to stay. A candle also served as a signal among neighbors that the home was accepting of visitors and to light the way for returning family members.

In modern times, the custom of a candle in the window may have lost its meaning but the practice still lived on. The invention of electric candles has made the tradition easier and safer to place in your window. As there are multiple reasons, a candle in the window is still a simple and beautiful way to light up your home and make it festive for the holiday season. Adding holiday cheer to your home is always exciting around the holidays. You can use your candles to direct family and friends to your home to share new holiday traditions and memories. Happy Holidays from Team Tusing to you.

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