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The importance of proper installation of Valor Gutter Guards!

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

I just had Valor Gutter Guard installed on my home and my gutters don’t seem to be working. Why is there so much water run off? What happened to my roof? Why does my gutter look like it’s going to fall? All are very good questions that should not be asked in the event Valor Gutter Guard is installed correctly. As a homeowner chose to have Valor Gutter Guard installed, the homeowner should hold the confidence and satisfaction toward everything going correctly and having gutter protection for many years. This post will provide you in-depth information on the importance of having Valor Gutter Guard properly installed and what may happen in the event the product is not properly installed.

Some issues that may arise in the event Valor Gutter Guard is not properly installed may include; water overflow, clogged gutters, dampening of facia boards, damage to roof shingles, damage to gutters and costly repairs. As a homeowner requests to have Valor Gutter Guard installed, they chose to hold trust that the job will get done and within the correct manner. As Valor Gutter Guard is not correctly installed, the homeowner may question the trust within the company that has installed the product. As the job is done correctly, the gutters should remain fitted to the homeowner’s house and Valor Gutter Guard should be screwed into the top of each gutter after being fitted just under the roof shingles.

As employees lack within this process, this may provide expensive costs to the homeowner in hopes of having the job completed correctly the next time around. If Valor Gutter Guard is not placed just under the roof shingles, this will not provide the angle needed for all debris to flow over the gutter and rainwater to flow freely into the gutter. Employees must also be careful while installing Valor Gutter Guard to not pull up on the homeowners roofing at force to ensure they don’t break any shingles or the water barrier that is made when the roof was installed. If there are gaps that are not sealed or too big to seal; this will allow for debris, rodents and leaves to get into the gutter and clog the gutter depleting the purpose for Valor Gutter Guard altogether.

As Valor Gutter Guard is installed, employees must ensure too much pressure is not placed on the gutter so that the gutter will remain snug to the house and Valor Gutter Guard will not cause any gaps when applied. Employees must also clean out each gutter to ensure no debris, rodents or leaves will clog the gutters or downspouts when seasons change or there is a significant storm. Sizing is also a big factor when a homeowner requests to have Valor Gutter Guard installed to their home. One size is generally used to install Valor Gutter Guard but depending on what kind of house and where the house is, a different size may be used. Valor Gutter Guard comes in three different sizes and can be custom made to fit any homeowners home.

As Valor Gutter Guard is not properly installed, water may flow over the gutters and Valor Gutter Guard depleting the purpose for Valor Gutter Guard. Water may also pool in areas that water should not stand, this can cause for damage to the homeowner’s roof. As water stands and causes damage to the facia boards or lining, this could become a high cost repair as the roof itself may need to be completely refinished. As the homeowner must complete these repairs to ensure their home is safe, this will lead to unwanted stress and cost that should not have to be felt in the event the job was done correctly.

Valor Gutter Guard is sold through many different contractors. Team Tusing is a reputable installer for Valor Gutter Guard. Team Tusing does not currently have any bad reviews and their employees not only hold knowledge but proof they are able to accept and complete the installation of Valor Gutter Guard. Team Tusing has been a proven reliable contractor

for many years and would love to complete any installation right the first time. Please think of hiring Team Tusing and Valor Gutter Guard when it comes to your next home improvement project.

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