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Have you heard of the Eastern Equine Encephalitis or Triple E virus yet? If not it’s a virus that is going crazy this year around town and is making humans very sick. Triple E virus is carried over from mosquitoes that have bitten and are carrying blood from birds. This virus has been passed to humans and horses thus far. Triple E is an incurable virus that will cause long-term effects if a human is affected by the virus and lives to tell about it. Please read this post as it will take an in depth look into Triple E and how Team Tusing will decrease the risk of Triple E by protecting your gutters from standing water and insects.

Clogged gutters are a breeding ground for mosquitoes as they love standing water and dark areas. As rainwater fills gutters with no way out, this allows for mosquitoes and other insects to breed within the debris that is in the gutters. Mosquitoes bite birds and carry their blood long enough to get affected by the virus and when they breed, the new mosquitoes then carry the virus as well. Team Tusing will not only clean out each gutter but will install Valor Gutter Guard to eliminate a breeding ground for these mosquitoes.

Triple E involves the Culiseta bird or songbird that mosquitoes

feed on. These mosquitoes like freshwater swamps and standing water that could be around the house. Twenty-nine humans have been affected since January; seven reports are generally reported each year. Ten humans have currently died since being diagnosed with Triple E. Humans that do not die from Triple E will hold long-term neurological effects. Triple E effects the brain by causing swelling within the brain cavity. Humans that feel affected by the Triple E virus should seek medical attention immediately.

Triple E causes severe swelling within a human’s brain. Triple E is passed to humans and horses as a mosquito bites the human or horse after biting the songbird. 30% of humans that become affected by this virus die within two to ten days of getting the virus. Humans often will hold long-term effects of the virus and include; seizures, paralysis and nerve dysfunction. Massachusetts and Michigan are among the hot areas for the Triple E infection, two cases were recently reported in New Jersey. Sixty-five mosquitoes have tested positive for the Triple E virus within thirteen different counties. These counties include but are not limited to Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Gloucester, Hunter-don, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Salem, Sussex, Union and Warren.

Triple E causes two type of effects within humans that have the virus. Systematic infections affect the human by causes severe flu-like symptoms that include fever, chills, joint and muscle pain. Systematic infections last about two weeks then the human is generally cured with no long-term effects. Triple E affects the human by causing severe symptoms such as; headache, irritability, restlessness, drowsiness, vomiting, diarrhea, bluish skin color, convulsions and coma. Triple E virus has stormed in crazy this year due to warmer winters within the states.

Triple E virus does not currently carry a vaccine and does not have a cure. Humans living in hot areas should stay inside during dawn and dusk hours. Humans can protect themselves by ensuring proper screens are installed within their home to allow mosquitoes to not get in. Humans can keep themselves safe while outside by applying repellent with deet, picaridin, IR3535 or oil of lemon eucalyptus. Humans can dress safely by wearing long pants and shirts while outside and stay away from any standing water.

While Triple E is an incurable virus that will cause mayhem, Team Tusing is here to help. Team Tusing has been installing Valor Gutter Guard to many homes for over 10 years. As gutter protection is obtained on a house, the homeowner will not have to wonder if there is any standing water for mosquito's to breed in or have the fear of getting Triple E virus. As Valor Gutter Guard is installed to each gutter, this will eliminate clogged gutters altogether providing continuous protection. Please think of Team Tusing and Valor Gutter Guard when it comes to your next home improvement project.

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