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Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Team Tusing

Tom Tusing is born and raised in Michigan where his passion for home improvement would start. Tom Tusing put his passion to experience over thirty years ago when he started installing windows and siding to client’s homes. As his son got older, Tommy would help his dad enhance life to each client’s home by completing these jobs as well. Tom would then find the new passion of applying gutters and gutter guards to a client’s home to enhance the life of their roof and gutters.

Tom has since then been installing gutters and gutter guards to client homes for over fifteen years. A move to North Carolina would allow him the experience needed to gain knowledge and comfort in installing these gutters and gutter guards to client homes. Tom does complete other jobs such as windows and siding but does gain most of his experience applying gutter and gutter guard to client homes.

As the need for gutter and gutter guard became evident, Tom visualized owning his own business of enhancing the life of client homes by installing gutter and gutter guard. Over time Tom would gain a wife that would help him make this dream a reality. Tom and Tiffany would work diligently toward owning their own business and this business became a reality. Team Tusing was set and produced around twelve years ago and has been up and running since. Team Tusing is a proven staple toward enhancing a client’s home by ensuring their gutters are not only safe but that their home is safe as well.

Team Tusing sells the #1 rated gutter and gutter protection material on the market. As this product is sold and installed to a client’s home, this enhances the life of the home. Clients can take comfort in knowing their gutter and gutter guards are protected with a twenty-year warranty that transfers in the event the homeowner decides to move. Gutter guard is also applied to the roof under the shingles and is screwed into the gutter, never hindering the warranty of the roof if there is a current warranty.

Team Tusing has enhanced multiple client’s home and carries a five-star rating within client satisfaction. Employees complete extensive training and must prove knowledge in order to become a professional installer. Employees hold knowledge that would help a client in the event questions arise while the gutters or gutter guards are being applied to their home. Team Tusing ensures proper installation toward every home that is serviced as each employee takes the time to complete each job.

Team Tusing has gained a positive name within the short amount of time they have been in business. Team Tusing strives toward nothing but the best when it comes to home improvement and working with clients to enhance their home. Please choose Team Tusing for all your gutter and gutter guard needs.


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