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Ladder Safety While Hanging Holiday Decor.

Hanging or putting out holiday decor can be a job in itself. As the weather gets cooler and it comes time for everyone to celebrate the holidays with putting up lights and decor, homeowners must ensure they stay safe while hanging those beautiful holiday lights. Homeowners should check the weather prior to getting everything out to put up lights and decor. Homeowners must ensure someone inside knows they will be outside to ensure proper safety and help is gained. Homeowners should check all equipment to ensure the equipment is not broken and works properly making the job easy going. Please read this blog as it will explain the importance of ladder safety while placing and hanging holiday decor.

Homeowners must check to make sure the weather is acceptable to put out decor and hang lights on the outside of the home. Rain and snow can make equipment slippery and winds can cause the homeowner to lose their balance while hanging lights or decor on their roof. Homeowners are best to hang lights and decor outside when the weather is calm. As homeowners get their equipment out to properly hang holiday lights, the equipment must be checked to ensure ladders unfold properly. Homeowners must ensure there are no breaks or cracks in the ladder and that each step is stable for the homeowner to climb on. Ladders should reach the rooftop of the home to ensure the homeowner does not have to reach from light to light or for any other decor. Ladder should reach at least three feet beyond where the homeowner is wanting to work.

As the homeowner ensures proper placement of the ladder and all equipment being used, the homeowner must make sure they are not reaching to place lights or decor. Reaching from light to light can cause the ladder to fall or slip. This can cause the homeowner to fall or become injured while hanging lights. Reaching can also cause personal injury to the homeowner. The homeowner could hurt their arms or back while carrying things or reaching while putting decor and lights in the correct place. The homeowner must let family know they are hanging lights outside to ensure nobody goes close to the ladder or opens any doorways while the decor and lights are being placed. This can cause the homeowner to fall or be displaced as well. Homeowners also should never drink while attempting to hang lights or put out decor. Alcohol can decrease the homeowner’s perception and allow the homeowner to not use proper precaution while using equipment.

As the holidays come to an end, the homeowner will have to get out their ladders again to make sure holiday lights and decor are taken down properly. As lights hang from your gutters, this becomes an instant reminder for the first cleaning of the year. Cleaning out gutters can become a tedious job to ensure there are no leaves, debris or rodents that stay within the gutter causing any clogs. Team Tusing has been protecting gutters for many years by installing Valor Gutter Guard. As homeowners take down their holiday lights and decor, this will alleviate having to clean out their gutters. The homeowner can just take down holiday lights and decor without worrying if their gutters are clogged or having anything in them. Installation of Valor Gutter Guard will provide the homeowner confidence in knowing their gutter is protected for many years to come. Please think of Team Tusing and Valor Gutter Guard for your next home improvement project.

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