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Ladder Safety For Installing Gutter Guards

Each year humans are cited for ladder safety. An inspector can stop at any time to ensure proper safety is being obtained while using a ladder. Safety violations can be costly and allow organizations to lose their privilege toward utilizing a ladder to complete jobs. Non safe practices are often complete as homeowners put decor lights up on their house with no fall precautions, standing on the top of the ladder and twisting while using a ladder just to name a few. State laws are set in place to ensure organizations complete proper training with workers on ladder use and recognize ladder hazards while completing a job. Please read this post as it will take look into ladder safety and how Team Tusing can minimize ladder use around your home.

As a homeowner must use a ladder, they must look at the ladder to ensure there is no cracks, corrosion and that bolts and rivets are secure. As a ladder is deemed unsafe, the homeowner or organization should rid of the ladder or place a tag on the ladder, so the ladder is no longer used. Homeowners and organizations must ensure there are feet on the ladder and non-slip pads are placed on each foot of the ladder. If in the even electricity might be used, a fiberglass ladder then should be used to ensure safety of the homeowner and professional using the ladder.

As the ladder is deemed safe, the homeowner or professional must place the ladder in a safe location. The ground should be firm with leveled footing. The ladder should have rigid support and proper angle as stated within the manufacturers guide. Ladders should extend three feet above the landing while climbing off an upper level. Homeowners and professionals should practice the point of contact. Point of contact allow for one hand and both feet or both hands and one foot on the ladder at a time as this provides stability while using the ladder.

Homeowners and professionals must never carry a load heavy enough to allow them to lose balance. Standing on top of the ladder should never be attempted as this is a good way for the ladder to tip or individual to lose balance. Homeowners or professionals should never pull, lean, stretch or make any sudden movements that may cause the ladder to tip over. Scaffolding or other safer surfaces may be a better choice. Homeowners and professionals should always avoid setting any ladders near an exit door or near the path of pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Proper use of a ladder while in use would have the homeowner or professional face forward without twisting or turning and one should never look backward. Body should always stay within the ladder rails. Homeowners or professionals should carry objects needed within a tool belt or use a chain/pulley system to get tools from ground to wherever needed. Homeowner and professionals should consistently practice safety while using a ladder to ensure the individual stays safe and is free of no injury.

Homeowners can rid of the option of utilizing a ladder for most household needs by hiring Team Tusing with Valor Gutter Guard. Ladders are generally used for hanging decor lights, cleaning out gutters and blowing leaves off the roof of their home. As Valor Gutter Guard is installed, special light hangers are offered to ensure safe place of lights are gained while decorating the outside of a homeowner’s home. As leaves become an issue, Valor Gutter Guard will ensure leaves stay out of gutters and do not clog each gutter leaving your home stress free.

Team Tusing will come out to your home, clean out each gutter and install Valor Gutter Guard to ensure proper protection is gained and your gutter stays protected. Team Tusing provides proper training toward using ladders and ladder safety. Professionals complete extensive training toward the proper use of a ladder and what may happen in the event a ladder is not properly used. Team Tusing has been installing Valor Gutter Guard for many years and has never had a safety incident while using a ladder. Team Tusing can keep you off your roof and mini

having to use a ladder for many years. Please think of Team Tusing and Valor Gutter Guard when it comes to your next home improvement project.

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