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Fall Protection

It’s that time of year again, Fall is right around the corner. As leaves fall, they can clog your gutter and house unwanted rodents. Homeowners must clean out their gutters to ensure no clogs form, unwanted rodents and bacteria are not hidden within their gutters. As homeowners clean their gutters for the season, homeowners must practice proper ladder safety to ensure no injury happens while cleaning out the gutter. Homeowners should wear protective gear to ensure they do not fall or slip while using the ladder, get any debris in their eyes and keep their hands away from any cuts or scrapes that might hurt the homeowner’s hands. As the homeowner cleans their gutters, this is when it would be a good time to have Valor Gutter Guard applied to the home so that a homeowner doesn’t have to ever clean their gutters again.

Gutters should be cleaned out a couple times a year depending on if the home has a heavy canopy when it comes to trees. As gutters gain an influx of leaves and debris; this may house unwanted leaves, rodents and bacteria. Leaves can pose a fire hazard in warm weather. Even the sun beating on the leaves while they are dry could pose a fire threat that could ultimately hurt the house in the event a fire started. Rodents take up space within the homeowners gutter that could cause for clog and often these rodents aren’t very nice when evicting them from their newfound home. As rodents, leaves and other debris clogs the gutters this may cause a bacteria to form under each moist area. These bacteria can be harmful if ingested and can often kill wildlife.

As homeowners clean their gutters, the homeowner should wear protective gear to ensure the homeowner is not hurt while cleaning their gutters out. Homeowners should wear non slip sole shoes and gloves that will not allow any cuts or scratches to ensure the homeowners hands stay safe. A homeowner will generally use a ladder so extra help may be needed to ensure ladder safety is used while the ladder is extended. A homeowner may use proper precautions while using these tools and materials to ensure safety is obtained and no injury occurs.

As the homeowner uses protective gear, the homeowner will start on the roof to ensure there’s no debris or leaves on the roof that can clog the gutters after they’re cleaned out. As the roof becomes clean, the homeowners can then start cleaning out the gutters. If a homeowner does not clean off the roof prior to starting on the gutters, the leaves and debris left will then go into the gutters and this will not only make the homeowner have to clean the gutters again but can cause a clog in the gutter that has just been cleaned.

A convenient way for a homeowner to not have to ever clean their gutters again would be to have Valor Gutter Guard applied to the top of their gutter. Valor Gutter Guard keep debris and rodents out of the gutter keeping the gutter free flowing throughout the year. Valor Gutter Guard is a very low maintenance option that will enhance the life of the home. Valor Gutter Guard also comes with a 20-year warranty that will transfer to any new homeowner in the event the current homeowner moves. Valor Gutter Guard will enhance the life of the gutter by now allowing clogs and the homeowner can gain comfort in knowing they don’t have to clean out their gutters anymore. Allow Valor Gutter Guard to come in and improve your homes appearance and take the stress of having to ever clean out your gutters again.

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